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“Truly great painting is not about the “subject matter,” but rather the way an artist communicates beauty, sensitivity and integrity in whatever is painted.  Flowers, gardens and sunsets are no more worthy as painting subjects than a subway station full of weary commuters, or a close-up of an old run down building with cascading fire escapes.”





Patti Mollica finds endless opportunities to communicate the subtle beauty she finds in many subjects and scenes,  especially the ones that are not commonly thought of in an artistic light.  She delights in painting the streets, buildings, architecture, people and street life of New York City in a bold, decisive style, with hues that are intense, brilliant and contemporary.  Equally, her vibrant and painterly depictions of every day still-life objects offer a look into her immense skill with composition, color, and paint that allows the viewer a unique perspective and renewed appreciation of subject.  She displays that rare type of talent that enables her to breathe life into the ordinary and inanimate.

Patti lives and works with her fellow artist and jazz musician husband in New York City and Nyack, NY.  She spends much of the year traveling to various parts of the country and abroad, painting and teaching workshops.  Patti is the author and illustrator of several books that concisely explore the subject of painting and the artistic process.  She has also created a collection of tutorial art videos that cater to those seeking inspiration from her craft.


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