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Piotr Kotlicki, 'Paradox of Zeno', Oil on Canvas, 2016 - Apr Value: $3K


The picture „Paradox of Zeno” is part of the cycle "Black paintings", in which the author presents disturbing scenes that destroy social harmony and suggest perversity, violence and even crimes. Painting provides him with the means to create compensatory structures rooted in rather gloomy social observation. However, Kotlicki's moral standpoint is not clear. The artist involves his characters in unidentified, rather destructive events and develops vague, yet scary plots. His characters, mostly male, often have no facial features and wear specific outfit: t-shirts, tracksuits and sports shoes. They are neither completely anonymous perpetrators of action, nor precisely defined subculture representatives. Scenes created in the artist's imagination – perhaps reflecting the social life in one of the Łódź blocks of flats in which the artist lives and works – portray certain aspects of the contemporary national crisis. By transforming them into paintings, the artist contributes to the discourse on the dark interior of the modern man: the emotions and tensions he experiences.


2017 The Next Day vol.2, Assembly Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
2017 Black paintings, Assembly Gallery, Poznan, Poland


There is a small additional charge for shipping, handling and insuring. Reach out to us for more details. Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. If this is intended as a gift, reach out to us, so that the artist can write a personal note towards the recipient!


Appraisal Value: $3,000.00

Our Price: $1,295.00

Piotr Kotlicki, 'Paradox of Zeno', Oil on Canvas, 2016

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