ROBERT NEWMAN "Police van on Fire"
ACRYLIC, INK, GOLD LEAF, & COLLAGE ON CANVAS, 18 x 24 - $6.5K Appraisal Value!




Robert L. Newman III is a promising young, self-taught, multidisciplinary artist living in Harlem, New York. His style is characterised by expressionist portraits, rich in colour and free of all constraints. The colours he uses are strong, aggressive and strike directly at the heart and soul of the viewer. His artistic process starts by revisiting the history of the Black Folks from the Civil War onwards. With his art, he retraces a history that touches him closely, a history of struggles for rights, strong emotions, defeats but also small victories. A story that touches all humanity closely and that still presents a sad page in American history. Robert uses his experiences within the black culture to make those who are not part of it understand what it means. His paintings express joy and pain, respect and devotion for his ancestors, hope for the future, abuse and efforts for the legitimate liberation and equal rights of the black population. Robert creates extremely intriguing artworks and the subjects are often black men and women, ordinary people who through their faces manage to interact with the viewer and tell their personal stories.


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Appraisal Value: $6,500.00
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Specifications of Piece


Robert Newman


Police van on Fire


18 x 24





Certificate of Authenticity:

Signed by Artist

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ROBERT NEWMAN "Police van on Fire"