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Shelton J. Brown is an emerging painter living in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Raised in Northern Virginia before relocating with family to Santa Cruz, California in Summer 2010, Shelton experienced the cultural divide between the coasts of the United States first hand, dunked into secular beach town existence directly after a childhood spent in the woods of the east coast and under the pews of protestant churches.


His artistic impulse is as old as his memories, journaling and writing before being able to read or fully see, the urge to leave marks and to create is inseparable from his being.


Balance between violence and compassion, furious anger and serene calm, and the forms of suffering inspired by psychosis, addiction, combat, and self abuse all surround and inform the current work. Above all else, the pursuit of creation through which Shelton seeks to attain greater personal enlightenment, is through love and devotion.



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