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After more than 100 years of ​combined experiences in buying, selling, and appraising fine art, we decided to expand our expertise in the realm of contemporary art.


Why? We wanted to support creatives and artists who aim to transform our reality by materializing their emotions, thoughts, and ideas. As we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, we have curated the artwork of more than 30 artists that have the power to inspire and create emotion with their work. Driven by their unique way of understanding reality and their personal stories, they developed powerful creations that touch the viewer across their emotional, mental and spiritual spheres. 

Every piece of artwork we offer will come with a free Certificate of Authenticity and a free certified International into our insurance appraisal that in most cases will appraise the item for approximately double the suggested special price that we’re offering it for.

Additionally, virtually every piece will come with an additional certificate of authenticity directly from the artist, as well as a small note stating their inspiration and and reasons behind creating that specific unique piece that you purchased. If the item was purchased as a gift we might also be able to have the artist make a special note stating their gratitude for giving it to that certain person with a personal note as well!

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