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Born in New England (1963) and currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, Michael Matzko is a visual artist working primarily in the photography and videography mediums. He studied at the Berklee School of Music and received a Bachelors of Music at the University of Maryland focusing on music composition. While working on his Masters of Fine Art at the University of Iowa, he began work in video multi-media production. This was followed by research, while becoming a certified Alexander Technique teacher, on human behavior and habitual patterns, both physical and mental. In a parallel timeline, he worked various jobs which trained him in both business, operations, and computer systems, which led to an IT career working for multiple companies, managing global development CRM and Marketing teams for several decades. This background has led to his current work over the past several years which combines digital and analog improvisatory techniques to create a series of non-repeatable work exploring human nature and expressing the more intimate workings of the human mind.


Matzko began working on his current series during the Covid-19 lockdown, entitled The Self Isolation Project. The works depict the multitude of emotions captured throughout a collection of remote sessions. The images were created in camera using multiple layers of techniques to mirror the complexity of the world we are currently experiencing. Inspired by his early career as a professional musician and in particular, the work of Keith Jarrett, he began to expand his vision in studio, in an improvisatory dance with the subject, to explore imagery that alludes to topics related to On Being Human. His current projects include images related to Identity and as well as the tenacity of the human spirit.



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