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Piotr Kotlicki (b. 1972) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. Currently works at the National Film School in Lodz at The Film and Television Directing Department. His body of work is multimedia-oriented with an emphasis on painting. Lives in Lodz. 

"I paint from noon till evening using oil and traditional media. My characters seem to be trapped in a bad dream while my personal attitude to my images is that they represent the real. I guess they are the result of my brain absorbing NEWS or some other memories mixed with imagination. Making art for me means a constant struggle with adversities. Discipline - nonchalance. Imagination - observation. Dark - bright. Good - bad. Top - bottom. He looks straight – turns his head away. Probably the biggest struggle when making art is between the logical and the irrational. A great deal of things in painting is conscious, however, if the mind is suspended for a moment, the instinct is immediately squeezed onto the canvas. It takes over the idea, takes on any shape, even one of a crazy monster. Excluding it from the image at a hint from the reason is like stripping the image of its the greatest power. Its weight can infect the viewer. It is a kind of communication, empathy with the author of the picture. A dialogue, which, instead of description, discovers the world itself. Standing in front of such a painted image you can hear the call. Get a few seconds or minutes to open up".



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