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Jack Graves is an American artist, born in 1988 in Jacksonville, Florida. Jack has developed a talent for creating unique and original works of art winning departmental awards during his early education and while studying at home and abroad at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and at Newcastle University in England.

Since 2013, Jack has been painting professionally, developing a wide audience and base of collectors worldwide. In 2014, he was recognized in Germany by the critical review, “Internationale KUNST HEUTTE” as an emerging international artist. Today his paintings are featured in numerous galleries and on several international online platforms.

Jack describes his art style as “Eclecticism”, “a work that juxtaposes two or more different art styles, one from the past and new ones I develop for the future.” This approach has evolved, culminating in a completely new series of paintings he calls the “Icon Series”. In this series he incorporates an idealized, almost photo-realistic face of an international super-star, model or celebrity, an “Icon”, within a matrix of an otherwise totally abstract expressionist composition, which makes the iconic image dazzle. The new “Icon Series” has been met with tremendous success with designers, galleries and fine art collectors from Hong Kong to Manhattan, selling over 60 works in a matter of months of its debut in 2017.

He has subsequently introduced a new series called the "Diamond Series", distinctive and attractive multi-colored paintings in the abstract, along with his newest and extraordinary magnum opus "Supreme Collection", which are highly complex and intellectually stimulating master works, all finding their way into fine art collections worldwide.  

In my works, the purification of events has merged with the present: sometimes like a mist in space and sometimes like a dream in the background, and through this transformation, the purification prepares itself for a new cycle.'

"I describe my art as elaborate Rorschach tests. These paintings conjure an intellectually and emotionally stirring atmosphere which interacts uniquely with each individual viewer. The artworks are formulated by delicately arranging subconscious ideas which are built from the placement of the initial visual gesture. From my first action on the canvas grows an amalgam of realistic images, textures, styles, and design resulting in visual poetry. I wish for the final product to echo back and forth with the viewer continuously resonating a desirable ambience".


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