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Gero Eaton decided that he wanted not only to become an artist, but to join the greats, the first time he laid eyes on the genius strokes of the old masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Adopted from a Bulgarian orphanage and brought to live in Yonkers by an American couple at the age of seven, Gero overcame the obstacles of adapting to the American culture and learning English by expressing his feelings through art. The coping mechanism that guided Mr. Eaton through his childhood became a passion that he was able to pursue through numerous scholarships and artawards that allowed him to become the first person in his family to go to college.

As a BFA student with a concentration in painting at the University of Buffalo, Gero Eaton explored his strong emotional connection to the masterpieces he had admired as a child, the old masters’ drawing and painting techniques, and how they created the essence of a timeless sense of beauty. Mr. Eaton expanded on his knowledge and experience by taking classes at the Jacob Collins Water Street Atelier and Art Students League, where he learned the fundamentals behind the techniques for which he craved knowledge. With the help of teachers such as Geoffrey Barbey, James Childs, and Graydon Parrish, Gero was able to better develop and expand his vision of creating majestic pieces using nineteenth-century ideals.

Mr. Eaton believes that, in order to achieve true growth as an artist, one needs to first learn the rules and fundamentals and then understand how to bend and break them to create strong works of art. Once Gero achieved enough confidence in his knowledge to break the rules, he began to envision paintings that speak to the subconscious through emotion by using powerful colors, broad shapes and forms, and strong lines that create wondrous and playful pieces that entice the eye and pull the heart.

Gero Eaton currently resides and maintains his studio in Queens, New York.

"Through the use of color, line, and form, I strive to create timeless pieces of
beauty that invoke our innate vulnerability. I want to engage my viewers and
submerse them within the art, taking them on a powerful journey through their
collective subconscious with pictorial language that shows how human emotion
plays out in our daily lives. I want my audience to feel a broad range of emotion
when viewing my paintings, and to share those experiences with the world around them. Utilizing broad strokes, thick lines, and bold shapes, I delve into the human mind and create a landscape of limitless wonder and curiosity,  coming out the other end with the desire for the audience to feel as though they are reborn in understanding of who they are within themselves.


I want to create a universal body of work that will unite my viewers in an
experience that transcends their individual experiences and sparks intellectual
debate of the universal effect of technological growth and globalization in the
modern era. Language has changed as a result of humanity’s evolution, and emojis have become a powerful and unifying language of their own when expressing human emotion. I enjoy using bright, saturated colors in conjunction with strong geometric shapes or the drip method inspired by Jackson Pollock as a backdrop for the vivid emoji expressions we use on daily basis to communicate, in hopes of creating a sense of depth and wonder in my work.


The artist has a powerful ability to influence the viewers’ thoughts and feelings through a piece of work. I want to use that power in a positive way and inspire my viewers."


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