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Lucille Lee studied Fine Art, painting at the University of the Arts in Philadephia, and Textile/Surface Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. She's a multi-media artist and designer who uses highly detailed craftsmanship. She specialized in textile design, oil painting, and trend board design. Within all her work, florals are an everlasting subject matter since she was growing up surrounded by nature in her neighborhood. She believes in the power of nature in its way of bringing happiness to our daily lives. She loves to use oil paints to capture the aesthetic of nature. She paints things in a very detailed way and layer by layer in her own unique style. Her painting style formed when first started researching classicism. After years, She developed a lifelong interest in post-impressionism and impressionism through using contrasting bright colors and light in my own artwork. She was deeply inspired by the Ukiyo-e of Japanese art. By absorbing all these qualities into her painting, she was able to create a sense of uniqueness and mystery in her art.


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