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Gregory Hergert, born in 1952 in Corvallis, OR. He studied and earned his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating, his career as an illustrator took him to Manhattan where the ability to illustrate stories on demand was forged based on the daily job deadlines he was under; a skill he still applies every day when making his art.

Securing many notable jobs and awards in his early career, Gregory began a gradual shift towards a career in fine arts which was perfectly timed with the growth of the Pop and Lowbrow art movements on the internet. He found inspiration in the ability to look online and instantly see all types and styles of art, this inspired him to create his own path in art over time.

Gregory and his wife Robin moved to Portland, OR, where he secured an art studio in the inner city. Being directly in the heart of the day to day workings of gritty urban city life, this became an inspiration that eventually over time, slowly began to creep into the art he created. From that body of work and the positive feedback he received, he began to focus more on the movement of life in the city surrounding him and over time he founded the Urban Surrealism Art Movement.

Gregory keeps busy with both local and international shows, in addition to co-owning Brassworks Gallery, and is also in the process of publishing his third art book.

Currently, Gregory and his wife still live and work in the inner city of Portland, OR. On most any given day, you will find him sitting in his art studio painting and drawing, where he finds inspiration in the day to day movements of the people and animals of the city that he sees below him as he looks out of his studio window and from the daily walks he takes throughout the city.


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