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Jack Graves III, 'Mona Lisa Icon II', Icon Series 2019, Original Acrylic on Canvas - Apr Value: $6K

Item Description

The 'Icon Series' is a distillation of the fewest items necessary in producing a powerful image. Graves utilizes form, color, and iconic faces for the formula of this series. The new 'Icon Series' has been met with tremendous success with designers, galleries and fine art collectors from Hong Kong to Manhattan, selling over 40 works in a matter of months of its debut.

There is a small additional charge for shipping, handling and insuring. Reach out to us for more details.

Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Jack Graves III.

If this is intended as a gift, reach out to us, so that the artist can write a personal note towards the recipient! 

Appraisal Value: $6,000.00
Our Price: $2,995.00 

Specifications of Painting

Artist:Jack Graves III
Title:'Mona Lisa Icon II'
Style:Contemporary Art - Pop Art

Original Acrylic on Canvas

Size/Dimensions:48" x 48" inches
Creation Date:2019
Appraised Value:$6,000.00
Certificate of Authenticity:Signed by the artist



Jack Graves III, 'Mona Lisa Icon II', Icon Series 201

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