ANNA BORSELLINO "Short & Beautiful" 22" x 38"  Acrylic on Wood Panel - $3K Appraisal Value    


"Inspired by the ever-changing emotional landscape of self discovery."


All canvases are made locally (Toronto) with repurposed leftover material that would otherwise be discarded. Marks, holes may be visible. The panels are slightly heavier than the average.   


This artwork also comes with FREE $3,000.00 Certified Insurance Appraisal, & FREE Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist! 

This piece can be viewed at our brand new gallery at 200 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. We ship anywhere around the world!
Appraisal Value: $3,000.00
Our Price: $1,495.00


Specifications of the Artwork: 



Anna Borsellino


14221: Short & Beautiful


22” (wide) x 38” (high)


Acrylic on Wood Panel



Certificate of Authenticity:

Signed by Artist

Appraisal Value:


ANNA BORSELLINO "Short & Beautiful" Acrylic on Wood Panel