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In this abstract painting, vibrant brushstrokes of light yellows and pinks converge to create a captivating visual symphony. The canvas comes to life with broad, sweeping brush strokes that flow across the surface, mixing shades of sunny yellow with delicate shades of yellow, light green and orange. Each stroke is imbued with a sense of movement and spontaneity, evoking a dynamic energy that resonates throughout the composition. Cass's skillful application of color and texture adds depth and richness to the artwork, creating a harmonious balance between warmth and softness. This piece invites viewers to explore its layers, inviting them into a world where color and form intertwine in a fascinating display of artistic expression.


Brendan Cass is an American post-war and contemporary painter who was born in 1974 in New Jersey. He draws inspiration from impressions and memories of postcards and images from his travels to create expressionistic landscapes using layers of intense colors. His landscapes are reworked to turn them into imaginary and dreamlike places. He is best known for his large-scale landscape paintings in acid colors.



This item will ship exactly as photographed in Excellent Condition. It also comes with:
FREE $28,000.00 Certified Insurance Appraisal, &
Certificate of Authenticity!

This piece can be viewed at our Brand New gallery APR57 at 200 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. We ship anywhere around the world! This item is also available for local pickup at our gallery.


Appraisal Value: $28,000.00
Our Price: $5,995.00


Specifications of Painting


Brendan Cass




Acrylic on Canvas

Country / Origin:

United States

Dimensions with Frame:

Approx. 24" inches (wide) x 24" inches (high)



Appraisal Value:

Comes with $28,000.00 Certified Insurance Appraisal Certificate



The above item comes with a free certified insurance appraisal valued at $28,000.00
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"Brendan Cass" OOAK Abstract Contemporary Art (Pastel)- $28K APR w/ CoA!

SKU: F_60
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