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SOHAN JAKHAR "The Kite Seller"
48" x 60" Acrylic on Canvas - $20K Appraisal Value!




"My recent works addresses my relationship with the cities as well as my ancestry. The current body of work examines the visual dynamics of the roadside bazaar. Our street Bazaar is surrounded by visual stimulation, noisy visual chaos of vendors, hawkers. These vendors, hawkers dominate busiest urban landscapes. Here, a whole new world of images, sounds and gestures is evolving and gaining ground. Visuals of roadside stalls anticipate and announce the cultural and technological shifts.

These street vendors offer a critical viewing of the strategic role of popular Indian imagery from the bazaar "not as an object to be seen or a text to be read, but as a process wherein social and subjective identities are formed. Bringing in of a new trajectory, while retaining its cultural traditions. The Indian cultural sphere seems to engage in a languid debate between conservative and the liberal, the revivalist and the progressive, the socialist and the consumerist, the indigenous and the international. The multiplicity and disjuncture, which exist in our country, empowers me. Where the ancient and cyber- space coexist. 

These roadside stalls dramatize changing personal and social values alongside forging ideological conceptions of the nation itself. . The visuals of these stalls grew out of major cultural and technological transformations that occurred in the last decade, which included the impact of the consumerism.


I draw mainly from these bazaars streets. The incorporated images are the photographs, later digitally modified and painted on the canvas. The treatment of pictures has a simplistic approach. I have uses layers of vibrant colours that simply have strong individual personas expressing a subtle theatre of visual form. The decorative motifs floating in the background come from the painted fresco on the Havelis (Mansions) of Shekhavati, in my native. Juxtaposed them on visuals of these bazaars, seem to reflect a scenario in permanent state of transition and moving life. My works aesthetic delineates the complex inter –relations of India’s urban & semi urban scenario."     - Sohan Jakhar



This piece comes with:
FREE $20,000.00 Certified Insurance Appraisal, &
FREE Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist! 

This piece can be viewed at our brand new gallery APR57 at 200 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. We ship anywhere around the world!
Appraisal Value: $20,000.00

Our Price: $9,995.00



Specifications of Piece


Sohan Jakhar


The Kite Seller


48" x 60" inches


Acrylic on Canvas


Excellent, New

Custom Framing:

Available Upon Request

Certificate of Authenticity:

Signed by Artist

Appraisal Value:




SOHAN JAKHAR "The Kite Seller" Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 60"

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